Curated Resiliency Recommendations | Azure Virtual Desktop Best Practices

Curated Resiliency Recommendations | Azure Virtual Desktop Best Practices

The Azure Proactive Resiliency Library (APRL) offers IT professionals a collection of best practices, recommendations, and scripts to enhance the resiliency of their Azure Virtual Desktop environment. The library was developed with contributions from multiple experts across the globe and includes guidance for fault-tolerance, redundancy, backup, scaling, optimization, encryption, and authentication to improve the overall security and compliance of the environment. Additionally, the library contains information on tracking resource utilization to maximize efficiency. To utilize the APRL, IT professionals need to download and install the APRL tooling, run the assessment tool to scan their Azure Virtual Desktop Environment, and apply the recommendations and best practices found within the library. The APRL dashboards and reports can also be used to track and visualize Azure Virtual Desktop resiliency metrics and trends over time. Visit the APRL website to learn more.

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Azure Virtual Desktop Blog articles

Azure Virtual Desktop Blog articles

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