Connection Reliability in Azure Virtual Desktop Insights

Connection Reliability in Azure Virtual Desktop Insights

We are thrilled to announce that the Connection Reliability tab in Azure Virtual Desktop Insights is now generally available. IT administrators can now monitor the connection resilience between users and Azure Virtual Desktop host pools. This gives administrators a simpler experience when it comes to understanding disconnection events and correlations between errors that affect their end users.

The Connection Reliability tab provides two primary visuals.

The first is a graph that analyzes and plots the number of disconnections over the concurrent connections during a given time range. This allows administrators to easily detect clusters of disconnects that are impacting connection reliability. Administrators can also analyze connection errors by different pivots—for example client version and IP range—to determine the root cause of disconnects and improve connection reliability.

Connection Reliability graph - Image 1.png

The second visual provides a table of the top 20 disconnection events and lists the top 20 specific time intervals where the most disconnections occurred. Administrators can select a row in the table to highlight specific segments of the chart to view the disconnections that occurred during those time segments.

Connection Reliability disconnection events - Image 2.png

To experience the benefits of the Azure Virtual Desktop Insights Connection Reliability tab, sign in to Azure Virtual Desktop Insights and navigate to the Connection Reliability tab. More information can be found here.

Our team is dedicated to enhancing Azure Virtual Desktop Insights and expanding its capabilities to address the evolving needs of our users. We encourage you to explore the features of the Connection Reliability tab and share your experiences to help us guide future development of this and other Azure Virtual Desktop Insights features.

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