Optimize and secure your cloud with new Azure Optimization skilling events

Optimize and secure your cloud with new Azure Optimization skilling events



Optimizing existing cloud environments is consistently the top cloud initiative for nearly every tech company, and the benefits of skilling your organization on optimization abound. Optimizing your cloud usage means saving money, improving efficiency, security, and resiliency, as well as innovating faster, and gaining a competitive advantage in your industry. In this blog you’ll discover how the tools and learning resources of Azure Optimization can be a value driver for your organization with comprehensive learning opportunities to put you on the right path.


Join us for an exclusive virtual event

To help you learn to manage your Azure investments and architecture in key areas—managing costs, boosting resiliency and reliability, and keeping security tight—we’ve launched exclusive, no-cost events that give you the tools required to optimize your cloud investment.

Our Azure Optimization Virtual Training Days aim to funnel Microsoft’s know-how into helping you optimize and manage your cloud investment. Guided by a Microsoft Technical Trainer, you’ll discover how Azure guidance, resources, and practices can streamline your cloud spend, enable modernization, and fuel innovation in the cloud.


Participation for these upcoming events is limited, so please check the event calendar frequently to sign up as soon as new event registrations go live.


In two days of class, in four-hour sessions—translated in 28 languages—we tackle cloud optimization best practices and the frameworks that will power your team to adopt them. You’ll get a comprehensive look into our collected Azure Optimization learning modules, see demos and use cases, and get hands-on practice deploying workloads for cost optimization, operational excellence, performance efficiency, reliability, and security.


Whether you’re just starting to migrate to the cloud or already have Azure workloads in place, our Azure Optimization Virtual Training Day will put you on the road to maximizing your cloud investment, innovation, security, and modernization.


Engage with live instruction or watch on your own time

If you’re unable to attend the Virtual Training Day event, we have other flexible learning options to fit your availability. Our upcoming series of Learn Live sessions will highlight the frameworks and tools for Azure Optimization to help you strategically manage your cloud architecture and workloads.


Delivering technical readiness and skilling programming in a television format, Learn Live sessions are typically broadcasted live with instructor Q&A, and then available on-demand. Each session is 90 minutes, and you can get familiar with the content beforehand by checking out the associated learning modules.


Learn Live episode

Learning module

Date and time

Design for optimization: Getting started

Getting started with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

 On-demand Replay

Landing Zones

Choose the best Azure landing zone to support your requirements for cloud operations

On-demand Replay

Continuous improvement: Optimize the architecture of your workloads

Introduction to the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework

On-demand Replay

Optimizing with Azure Advisor and Cost Management

Describe cost management in Azure and Get started with Azure Advisor

On-demand Replay

Optimize costs with Reserved Instances and Azure savings plan for compute

Save money with reserved instances and Azure savings plan for compute

 On-demand Replay


30 Day Challenge: Climb the leaderboard with our Azure Optimization Cloud Skills Challenge

For those looking to sharpen their skills at their own pace—but also want some friendly competition—Microsoft’s Cloud Skills Challenges are part interactive learning sprint, part good-natured tournament between you and thousands of your peers around the globe. These immersive, gamified learning experiences are a blend of hands-on exercises, tutorials, and assessments to ensure a well-rounded learning experience.


With the Azure Optimization Cloud Skills Challenge, you’ll have 30 days to complete a series of learning objectives focused on how to optimize cloud architecture and workloads. Sign up and climb the leaderboard as you learn how to drive continuous improvement of your architecture and workloads while managing and optimizing cloud costs.


Optimize your cloud architecture so you can focus on what matters most

Cloud optimization is a process of continuous improvement. It isn’t a question of “why”—it’s “how soon can we start and how do we keep improving?” Azure and our optimization guidance are ready when you are, both in technical capacity and as a collection of easily accessible, free educational resources. As an industry leader in cloud computing, we’re with you every step of the way. Whether that means examining and analyzing your workloads to maximize efficiency, advising you on cost management, or providing expert troubleshooting with our Azure engineers, optimizing your cloud is our priority.


  • Build more secure workloads: Help secure your future with reliable, futureproofed designs.
  • Cloud cashflow optimization: Unleash the cost-cutting power of the cloud by harnessing smart spend management and cost-trimming strategies.
  • Tech upgrade, budget upgrade: Unlock innovation by dynamically allocating cloud resources. Refine your tech investments for continuous improvements.
  • Future-proof your foundation: Design reliable and secure workloads for a launchpad to accelerated development.
  • Cost-conscious cloud, competitive edge: Manage your cloud spend to unlock savings and innovate with newfound resources.

Tailor your skilling experience with the Azure Optimization Collection 

Whether you’re in the process of migrating to the cloud or already have established Azure workloads, we have assembled a handpicked collection of training and resources to help you on our journey. The collection is tailored to support the ongoing enhancement of your architecture and workloads, all while effectively managing and optimizing your cloud expenses.



Discover more in the Azure Optimization Collection, including e-books and further reading, at the Microsoft Learn site.  


Don’t miss out on Azure Optimization skilling

Optimizing your cloud resources unlocks hidden savings, boosts performance, and fuels innovation. Stop overpaying for unused space, automate tedious tasks, and redirect those freed-up resources to projects that drive real growth. With our roster of Azure Optimization resources, you can start realizing newfound value today.

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