Revolutionizing hyperscale application delivery and security: The New Azure Front Door edge platform

Revolutionizing hyperscale application delivery and security: The New Azure Front Door edge platform

In this blog, you'll learn about the new Azure Front Door next-generation platform and how it has been revolutionizing hyperscale application delivery and security. Previously, Azure Front Door was based on a Windows-based proxy. However, as the need for a new platform emerged, the team opted to build it on Linux and embrace the open-source software community. The new platform has resulted in massive gains in scalability, security, and resiliency. It operates as a global, scalable, and secure entry point for caching and acceleration of web content, offering features like load-balancing, caching, web application firewall, and a rich rules engine for request transformation. The team made use of open-source software and wrote most of the new code in Rust, a modern and safe systems programming language, for higher performance, reliability, and productivity. They also built a new domain-specific language (DSL) named AXE (Arbitrary eXecution Engine), for enabling custom rules tailored for traffic of customers using Azure Front Door, which is implemented as a custom module in the new proxy. By integrating the best practices outlined in this blog, Azure Front Door has become a cutting-edge solution that meets and exceeds the dynamic requirements of its customers.

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