Chris "Woody" Woodruff: Network Programming - Episode 262

Chris "Woody" Woodruff: Network Programming - Episode 262

In this episode (262) of the podcast, Chris "Woody" Woodruff, a software developer and architect with over 25 years of experience, talks about the importance of network programming in today's world of software engineering. He discusses his new book, "Practical Network Programming Using C#" and his co-writing of a second book on the patterns of developer relations. Through interviews and an in-depth discussion, Woody emphasizes the need to understand a variety of concepts related to network programming, including web services, transport across the network, and architecture. He also provides some insights into the history of the internet and shares his personal interests and hobbies.

Woody's deep experience in the field of network programming is apparent throughout the episode, from his explanation of what a packet is, to his expert commentary on the history of web services. Whether you're a seasoned software engineer or just starting out, this discussion offers valuable insights into the world of network programming and the essential role it plays in modern applications.

So, tune in to this podcast episode to learn more about network programming, keep up with the latest trends and technology, and stay informed about future events and new releases in the field of software engineering.

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