Platform SSO for macOS now in public preview

Platform SSO for macOS now in public preview

Microsoft has introduced the public preview of Platform SSO for macOS with Microsoft Entra ID. To enhance Microsoft Enterprise SSO plug-in for Apple devices, Platform SSO provides more seamless and secure usage and management of Mac devices. During public preview, it will function with Microsoft Intune, and additional MDM providers are to be added. Passwordless authentication and synchronization with local accounts are three new ways to authenticate. The update includes Microsoft Entra Join for macOS, which uses the Enterprise SSO plug-in to create a device's hardware-bound record. Incremental releases will offer additional controls, reports, audit, sign-in logging capabilities, and APIs in Microsoft Graph to configure, query, and manage them. More features in Platform SSO will be added through public preview, requiring premium Entra ID licenses, just like Windows Hello for Business. If interested, there is updated documentation and tutorials available on Microsoft Learn to help you through the setup, deployment, usage, and troubleshooting of Platform SSO.

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