Storage Utilization in Fabric OneLake | Monitor Your Lakehouse Storage

Storage Utilization in Fabric OneLake | Monitor Your Lakehouse Storage

In this blog post, you will learn how to check the amount of storage being used by your Fabric OneLake in Microsoft Fabric. The author addresses a common concern in the community by explaining that there is currently no simple way to view this data. Knowing how much storage your Lakehouse and tables are using is crucial information for any responsible data steward, and the post will guide you through the process of finding this information.

The post, titled "How much data is being stored in my Fabric OneLake (Lakehouse files and tables)", is a must-read for anyone who needs to monitor their Fabric OneLake storage usage and stay informed about the data housed within.

The author's insights and tips are especially valuable for Fabric users of all levels whether they are seasoned pros or just starting out. Follow the steps and learn how to track the amount of storage your Fabric OneLake is using, and gain the confidence to properly manage and maintain your data now and into the future.

The post is published on FourMoo | Fabric | Power BI.

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