Book Review: The Road to Recognition by Barry Feldman and Seth Price

Book Review: The Road to Recognition by Barry Feldman and Seth Price

The Road to Recognition by Barry Feldman and Seth Price is a remarkable book that provides a simple roadmap for building relationships and identity in the digital age. The authors offer a framework for career change and personal improvement, with 26 short chapters, each focused on a letter of the alphabet, offering practical suggestions for building and improving personal brand.

Leveraging personal branding effectively opens doors to new opportunities, attracting the right connections, and establishing oneself as a valuable asset in the profession. Personal branding is a continuous process that requires dedication and a real commitment to showcasing a unique business identity.

The book provides suggestions such as blog writing, content creation, LinkedIn profile, and podcast as awesome ways to create authenticity and digital footprint in the entire digital world. Most ideas are doable and practicable, which will be helpful to articulate career goals and aspirations.

Built and maintained personal brand is an ongoing process that requires self-reflection, sustained effort, and a willingness to evolve as one's career progresses. Regularly re-evaluate and refine personal brand to ensure it is in line with one's goals and aspirations. If you're looking to build your personal brand, this book is a must-read.

The post provides a book review of The Road to Recognition by Barry Feldman and Seth Price, outlining the significant points covered in the book that help in building personal branding in the digital age.

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Power Platform , D365 CE & Cloud

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