LinkedIn VP Aneesh Raman on Why Adaptability is the Skill of the Moment

LinkedIn VP Aneesh Raman on Why Adaptability is the Skill of the Moment

In today's rapidly evolving job market, adaptability is arguably the most important skill professionals need to master. In a podcast on WorkLab, Aneesh Raman, LinkedIn's Vice President, discusses how generative AI is revolutionizing work and creating opportunities for individuals without traditional career paths or academic backgrounds.

As the fourth guest for season five, Raman joins economist, technologist, and researcher Molly Wood to explore the latest work trends. The duo discusses the effective use of AI and the essential skills needed to be successful in a digital era.

With insights on how generative AI is expanding opportunities for people with non-linear career paths and nontraditional educational backgrounds, Raman offers a fresh perspective on making the most out of this new age of work. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this podcast provides valuable insights and actionable takeaways for anyone looking to thrive in today's job market.

The podcast is available on Spotify, hosted by WorkLab, a platform created by Microsoft to facilitate discussions around work trends, insights, data, and research.

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Everything we thought we knew about work—where we do it, when we do it, how we do it—has been turned on its head. Where is it all going, and is there a map to get us there? WorkLab is a new podcast from Microsoft that taps into data and research to guide you on the road ahead. Leaders and scientists share the company’s findings, and we’ll hear stories about how people and organizations are being transformed at this radical moment. Join us as we explore the science of work and ingenuity.

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