High Volume Email for Microsoft 365 Public Preview

High Volume Email for Microsoft 365 Public Preview

Microsoft 365 is offering a Public Preview of High Volume Email (HVE) for large-scale internal communications. HVE allows up to 100,000 recipients per day at no cost during the Public Preview period. It integrates with business applications, and a dedicated page and reports will be available in the Exchange admin center. HVE utilizes a transactional model, and the cost is based on the number of sent emails. It is designed for large-scale internal communications and is specifically created to facilitate mass mailing needs.

Exchange Online is designed to have email sending limits that are determined by three key factors: Recipient Rate Limit, Recipient Limit, and Message Rate Limit. However, HVE caters to customers who have needs beyond these limits. HVE will provide no immediate action for preparation, and rollout for the feature begins April 2024. A new page for HVE will appear under Mail Flow in the left-hand nav of the Exchange admin center. This page will enable admins to create and manage Mail User accounts that are enabled for HVE. If more granular reporting is needed, an admin can request a more detailed report.

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