Resolving "Entity doesn't contain attribute with Name = 'transactioncurrencyid'" Errors (Microsoft Dataverse)

Resolving "Entity doesn't contain attribute with Name = 'transactioncurrencyid'" Errors (Microsoft Dataverse)

Are you facing errors when deploying a solution in Microsoft Dataverse? Don't worry; this post has got you covered. It delves into a specific error message - "Entity doesn't contain attribute with Name = 'transactioncurrencyid'" - and outlines the reason behind it. When adding a Currency column to a table in Dataverse, the platform automatically creates two additional columns: Currency (transactioncurrencyid) and Exchange Rate (exchangerate). These fields cannot be deleted, and modifying them is generally inadvisable. However, if you've added and then removed a Currency column, you might encounter the error message above. The solution is to add a "dummy" Currency row so that Dataverse recognizes that these columns need to be created as part of the subsequent import.

To avoid this error, it's best to perform data modeling activities before creating columns for the first time and ensure that you're 100% confident in your decision to leverage Currency columns. By doing so, you can prevent deployment errors like this and ensure a smoother experience.

Overall, this post provides valuable insights into Microsoft Dataverse deployment, troubleshooting, and modeling, and serves as a helpful resource for developers and data analysts alike.

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