How to Trigger Cloud Flow from Power Pages

How to Trigger Cloud Flow from Power Pages

If you're looking for a way to trigger Cloud Flow from Power Pages, this guide is for you. The first step is to create a Power Automate Flow with Power Page Trigger. Start by navigating to https://make.powerpages.microsoft.com/ and selecting the correct environment. From there, choose the Solutions option from the sitemap and select an existing solution or create a new one.

Once you've done that, add a new Cloud Flow with a Power Pages trigger and include any required parameters. The second step involves adding an action to return a reverse string. If you follow the steps outlined in this tutorial, you'll be well on your way to triggering Cloud Flow from Power Pages with ease.

So, if you want to streamline your workflow and automate your processes, check out this guide and start triggering Cloud Flow from Power Pages today.

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