Integrating Power BI with AzureDevOps (Git), part 1: Cloud Integration

Integrating Power BI with AzureDevOps (Git), part 1: Cloud Integration

If you're a data professional looking to collaborate with other developers on your Power BI projects, this blog series can help you integrate Power BI with Azure DevOps. In this first part, the focus is on cloud integration and how you can leverage Azure DevOps for quality control and consistency across your interactive data visualizations. This powerful integration will enable you to facilitate seamless collaboration among your team members, making it easier to share your data insights while ensuring security and accuracy at every step. Dive deeper into this exciting integration by following this series to explore all the possibilities it has to offer. The post Integrating Power BI with AzureDevOps (Git), part 1: Cloud Integration originally appeared on BI Insight.

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