Microsoft SharePoint Online and Microsoft Stream: New video page templates

Microsoft SharePoint Online and Microsoft Stream: New video page templates

Microsoft SharePoint Online and Microsoft Stream are set to receive new video page templates come April 2024 for Targeted Release and June 2024 for General Availability. With this new development, users will have the ability to create video pages and news posts right from the Stream web application without any required admin actions before the rollout. The new video page templates in SharePoint will be available in the site template menu for both Pages and News. For the first time, users will be able to create a page outside of SharePoint for videos stored on a SharePoint site where the user has editing access. In the Stream web app, a user with required editing access can opt to select the new “Create video news post” button under the Share dropdown menu. This action will allow the user to review and select new templates they like as well as highlight the desired video(s), include related documents and create a SharePoint page or news post.

It is important to note that no admin action is required before the rollout as it will happen automatically. However, users may need to be notified, and your help desk, as well as user training, updated to accommodate the latest development. More details will be provided before the rollout occurs.

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