Bring Microsoft 365 collaboration to your model-driven apps

Bring Microsoft 365 collaboration to your model-driven apps

Microsoft 365 collaboration has now been brought to model-driven apps and can be customized as per user workflows. Collaboration controls (Preview) have been introduced to simplify the collaboration processes while working on business processes in Teams or Power Apps line of business custom applications. With these controls, adding M365 capabilities to your Power Apps becomes easy and efficient.

This integration helps simplify workflows and increase collaboration, making it easier for team members to work together on projects. The controls can be easily customized to fit any business process and are available in preview mode for users to try out.

Overall, this initiative presents an opportunity for users to streamline their app collaboration processes and leverage the benefits of M365 in their custom applications. The feature is a welcome addition to Power Apps and represents another step forward in enhancing its collaboration capabilities.

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