Microsoft Teams: External call routing settings

Microsoft Teams: External call routing settings

Microsoft Teams users can now control their external call routing settings directly from the Teams app. This new feature allows users to redirect incoming PSTN calls based on existing unanswered call settings or to send calls to voicemail. By providing more flexibility in handling customer communications, this capability improves user experience and enhances productivity.

The feature is default OFF by policy, so organizations must navigate to Calling Policy and set the parameter InboundPstnCallRoutingTreatment to UserOverride to enable it. The new capability will be available on Targeted Release from early February 2024 to mid-February 2024, on Standard Release and GCC from early March 2024 to mid-March 2024, and on GCC High and DoD from late March 2024 to early April 2024. The organization's choice to enable or disable the feature will not affect the feature directly.

This development provides users with greater control over external call routing and provides organizations with more options for supporting their users. So, if you want to enhance your organization's call routing capabilities, make sure to enable this feature from policy.

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