Microsoft Forms: Support Image in Polls for Teams meeting

Microsoft Forms: Support Image in Polls for Teams meeting

Get ready to make your Teams meetings even more engaging with the new feature of adding images to your polls! The Polls app in Teams now allows you to incorporate images from your local files to help better explain and illustrate your questions to attendees. This new feature enhances the level of engagement and interaction in your polls, allowing you to create and run polls that are more effective in gathering information from your audience.

This feature is now available in the General Availability Release phase and you can expect to use it from December CY2022 onwards. The Preview date is set for November CY2022, and can be accessed on the web cloud-based platform that supports Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC instances.

So, if you're a Teams user looking for new ways to boost engagement and interaction during your meetings, make sure to check out this feature. It's a powerful tool that can help you make the most of your Teams meetings by increasing participation and gathering valuable feedback from those involved.

For more information on this feature and others, visit the Microsoft 365 Roadmap at the link mentioned in the post.

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