How to add multiple views of same entity as a left navigation menu in D365 CRM sitemap ?

How to add multiple views of same entity as a left navigation menu in D365 CRM sitemap ?

If you're struggling to add multiple views of the same entity as a left navigation menu in D365 CRM sitemap, this article provides a helpful solution. The scenario illustrated in this article involves an entity called "Employee," which has filters to identify them as either consultants or full-time workers. The objective is to show both views as separate left menu items without having to switch between them on the same grid view.

Fortunately, this is achievable through the use of the UCI app ID, entity name, and GUID of the view. The Microsoft documentation covers this scenario for addressing the view using a direct URL.

To add the URL in the sitemap area, follow the steps outlined in the article. It is essential to note that you need to have the UCI app ID, entity name, and GUID of the view to achieve this. By adding the URL similar to the one provided in the article to the sitemap area, multiple views of the same entity can be easily and efficiently displayed as separate left navigation menu items.

Overall, this article provides a clear and concise solution to a common problem encountered when creating D365 CRM sitemap.

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