Introducing the Simplified Left Navigation Feature in Teams Admin Center

Introducing the Simplified Left Navigation Feature in Teams Admin Center

IT administrators can now enjoy a streamlined navigation experience with the introduction of a new feature in the Teams Admin Center. The Simplified Left Navigation feature allows administrators to customize their navigation panel by pinning their preferred menu options, making it easier to find relevant information. By clicking the "Show Pinned" button, administrators can access their customized navigation list, and add or remove menu items whenever necessary with a single click.

The feature is expected to roll out in mid-March and will be completed by the end of the same month. Once the feature is live, administrators will see an added "Show Pinned" button in the navigation panel, and they can pin or unpin any menu item by clicking the Pin icon next to the menu item's name. To prepare, it is advisable to inform your Teams administrators of this new capability, and adjust your training materials accordingly.

Overall, the new Simplified Left Navigation feature in Teams Admin Center provides a welcome boost to productivity and ease of use, giving even non-technical users an intuitive way to navigate Teams Admin Center.

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