Unleash Your Power BI Mobile Audience Potential with Automated layouts!

Are you looking to optimize your Power BI Reports for mobile users? If so, this video tutorial is a must-watch. Your report consumers are likely using the Power BI mobile app, which means you'll need to tailor your reports for mobile viewing. This tutorial presents a quick and efficient way to create automated layouts, suitable for mobile devices.

Through a step-by-step guide, Patrick outlines how you can optimize your Power BI reports for mobile by sketching out a simple design, choosing the right visuals and arranging them for optimal viewing. By following this tutorial, you'll learn how to create compelling report designs that are both functional and visually appealing for mobile users.

So whether you're a seasoned Power BI user curious about mobile design or new to the analytics platform, this tutorial provides valuable insights into how to engage mobile audiences effectively

Check out the video here.

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Guy in a Cube

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