Power BI Visuals Tutorial | How To Easily Move Visuals

Power BI Visuals Tutorial | How To Easily Move Visuals

This blog post provides readers with a step-by-step Power BI visuals tutorial on how to easily reposition visuals using the ellipsis. The tutorial includes a video at the bottom of the page that visually walks through the steps.

The ellipsis is a small icon located on the top right of visuals that, when clicked, reveals several actions including the "Move", "Size", and "Remove" options. While moving a visual, it can be snapped onto a grid or aligned with other visuals already placed on the canvas. Within the "Move" option, there is also an "Advanced Move" feature which allows for more refined positioning.

This guide is particularly useful for those who have struggled with repositioning custom visuals in the past.

Overall, this blog post offers a simple and straightforward solution for those looking to quickly and easily move their Power BI visuals around the canvas.

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