Data export features available within the Viva Engage Admin Center

Data export features available within the Viva Engage Admin Center

This post discusses the upcoming availability of data export features for Viva Engage admin center, catering to Microsoft Viva customers. The export features are similar to those available in the Yammer admin center, and Global admins, Engage admins, and Yammer Network admins will be able to export data for the entire tenant and select and export data for a single user within the Viva Engage admin center. The rollout is scheduled for mid to late April, and customers with licensed Viva Suite, Viva Topics, and/or Microsoft 365 will benefit from the compliance capabilities enabled by the export features. Users will still be able to export data in a zip file containing .csv files, and there will be no changes to APIs. The post also includes several resources for users keen to explore the export capabilities in-depth.

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