Global Secure Access: Securing Your Digital World | Microsoft Cloud IT Pro Podcast

Global Secure Access: Securing Your Digital World | Microsoft Cloud IT Pro Podcast

In Episode 375 of the Microsoft Cloud IT Pro Podcast, the hosts shed light on Microsoft's Global Secure Access and how it can help secure one's digital world. They discuss how this offering brings together identity, network, and endpoint access under one service, and how it leverages Defender for Cloud Apps, while being built on the capacity of the Microsoft WAN.

The show takes a deep dive into the world of digital security and covers various aspects of Global Secure Access, including traffic forwarding profiles, Microsoft Entra Private Access, and Internet Access for all apps. Additionally, listeners can learn about using the Global Secure Access enriched Microsoft 365 logs, among other things.

To support the show, listeners can check out the membership options available. Whether one is an experienced data security professional or a novice just starting the journey, this episode offers valuable insights and perspectives on the importance of securing one's digital world with tools like Global Secure Access.

Listen to the full episode on Spotify and become an indispensable Microsoft 365 resource for your organization.

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Microsoft Cloud IT Pro Podcast
Microsoft Cloud IT Pro Podcast

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