From Copilot to Colleague: The Evolving Role of AI in Dynamics and Power Platform Job Roles

From Copilot to Colleague: The Evolving Role of AI in Dynamics and Power Platform Job Roles

As organizations increasingly incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their functioning, the technology has been transforming the job roles within those organizations, particularly in the realms of Dynamics and Power Platform. By introducing AI-based copilots, productivity and decision-making are expected to improve, alongside a decrease in error rates. Some job roles may become redundant while others may evolve, requiring new skills in areas such as interpreting and analyzing data output by AI algorithms. As such, organizations need to create reskilling and upskilling programs to prepare employees for the potential changes. However, a balance has to be struck between automation and human input to ensure effective and ethical use of AI-based copilots.

Though the introduction of copilots is just in its infancy, and mostly available in English and mostly in the US, its potential impact has already created an environment where knowledge about AI is increasingly essential.

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