Enhancing Azure Files resilience and performance

Enhancing Azure Files resilience and performance

Get ready to elevate your Azure Files experience with several new capabilities that enhance application reliability and performance. Azure Files provide a fully managed file share solution and has now added new features to the mix.

Snapshot support for NFS File Shares: Azure Files brings the ability to take point-in-time snapshots of file shares using NFS. Users can roll back the entire share to a previous snapshot or restore specific files that were lost or corrupted. Share-level snapshots management can be managed via the Azure portal, REST API, Azure PowerShell, and Azure CLI.

Soft Delete Support for NFS File Shares: Soft delete is now available for NFS File Shares, making it easier to recover data that may have been lost due to user error. Soft delete is enabled at the storage account level and will apply to all file shares, including SMB and NFS.

Geo-Redundancy for Large File Shares: Azure Files now supports geo-redundancy for large file shares using SMB. Geo-redundancy is essential for meeting compliance and regulatory requirements and allows for asynchronous replication to a secondary region, in case the primary region becomes unavailable.

Vaulted Backups for Azure Files: Protect business-critical data easily with backup vaults for Azure Files. You can define a schedule and retention policy in Azure Backup to manage the lifecycle and automate off-site backups.

Metadata Caching for Premium SMB File Shares: Achieve lower latency for file workloads running on Windows/Linux clients. Metadata-intensive workloads become more predictable and deterministic for Azure Files users running metadata-heavy workloads.

Faster Server Provisioning and Disaster Recovery for Azure File Sync Servers: Provisioning new server endpoints and recovering from sync server failures are significantly faster with Azure File Sync.

Increased max file size support to 8 TiB: Azure Files now supports a max file size of 8 TiB, giving more flexibility for users who require larger storage sizes.

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