Power Apps – Information about the filter, sort, and search galleries with Copilot preview feature

Power Apps – Information about the filter, sort, and search galleries with Copilot preview feature

Power Apps is introducing a new feature that enables end users to sort, filter, and search the canvas app galleries with Copilot. This new feature allows users to filter items in the gallery quickly and easily using natural language, providing a new capability to the gallery. As of now, this feature is designed for galleries that use SharePoint as their data source, with more data sources to be added in the future. The filtering feature with Copilot will be available automatically for canvas apps to premium users in qualifying geographies starting in June. Makers can turn this feature off for their apps and admins can disable the feature at an environment level. For more information on this feature, including instructions on how to disable it, check out the documentation.

Overall, this new feature offers a convenient way for Power Apps users to sort, filter, and search through galleries in a more natural and effective way.

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