Microsoft Edge: Extension requests and feedback

Microsoft Edge: Extension requests and feedback

In an effort to enhance the extensions management experience for admins and end users alike, Microsoft Edge management service has implemented features that allow end users to request access to blocked extensions, and admins can view these requests in Microsoft Edge management service. Additionally, admins can optionally choose to be notified via email of any new feedback or extension requests. This is a promising development for users of Microsoft Edge, as it opens up the possibility for more flexibility and customization in terms of which extensions they can use.

Microsoft Edge management service is available in Preview Release phase as of March CY2024Preview date: February CY2024 and has been created on the Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant) Platform. For those interested in further information and updates, the Roadmap ID for this development is 382635, and the roadmap link can be accessed at https://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-365/roadmap?featureid=382635.

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