Slicer Values Don’t Clear after Changing a Second Slicer

Slicer Values Don’t Clear after Changing a Second Slicer

Are you facing the issue of slicer selection that seems to stick and doesn't clear even after making changes somewhere else? This tutorial gives you a solution to the issue. Often, slicers in Power BI maintain their previous values even after those values are no longer valid. This can be frustrating when the values stick, and you have to perform extra steps to adjust the slicer values.

Through this tutorial, you'll learn how to overcome this issue with a simple trick. The solution involves adding a DAX formula that clears the slicer value, and you can customize it to work with multiple slicers as well. The tutorial includes interactive demos that help you understand the issue and implement the solution effectively.

So, if you use Power BI frequently, this tutorial is an excellent resource that you can use to better understand your data and avoid the slicer stick issue.

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