SharePoint: Improvements for document library version history limits

SharePoint: Improvements for document library version history limits

In a recent development, SharePoint will improve the version history limits for document libraries. SharePoint admins can now conveniently set the desired level of recoverability and auditability for their organization. People will now have access to two version history settings. The first mode is Automatic mode wherein the version limit adjusts intelligently based on a version's age and restore probability. The second mode, the Manual mode lets the admins regulate version expiration and count limits on the versions created. It is essential to note that these version history limits and management will also be applicable to OneDrive. Furthermore, tenant admins can set version limits that apply universally to all newly created document libraries in their organization, allowing site owners to upgrade settings for their document library (ies). This development is currently in preview release and is expected to be fully released by March CY2024 with the preview date set for November CY2023.

To sum up, this feature update provides users with greater flexibility and control over SharePoint document libraries' version history limits, allowing them to maintain data recoverability and audit trails.

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