How To Force Canvas Apps To Update An Edited Component

How To Force Canvas Apps To Update An Edited Component

If you're facing issues updating a component in Microsoft PowerApps, this article can help. The Canvas Apps Components feature is intended to facilitate the reuse of components in multiple apps, but updating a component often results in the creation of a new one, leaving the old version intact in the app. The problem arises because Canvas App Studio tries to avoid losing any changes made to a component in an app by unlinking the component from its source whenever an update is made, instead of the source app it's exported from.

The solution is to use the Canvas App Packager, which allows you to re-link the app-specific component to the source. By unpacking the app and looking at the changes under the hood, you can learn how to add back the OriginalName property and set the IsComponentLocked variable back to true. Once this is done, the component can be refreshed when it is reloaded, enabling the update rather than creating a duplicate.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you will be able to update your component in PowerApps efficiently.

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