How To Create Daily Bulk Delete Jobs in Dataverse/CDS/Power Apps/CRM As A Different User

How To Create Daily Bulk Delete Jobs in Dataverse/CDS/Power Apps/CRM As A Different User

Learn how to create a daily bulk delete job in Dataverse/CDS/Power Apps/CRM through this step-by-step tutorial. While the UI for bulk delete jobs does not allow for creating a daily reoccurring job, the SDK can be used to set this programatically. The tutorial includes code that can be copied and pasted to set up the daily job, along with instructions on how to update values such as the job name, start date, and recipients. By following the steps in this tutorial, you can create a bulk delete job that runs daily without having to create multiple jobs for each day of the week.

The post also includes an update that the UI for bulk delete jobs does allow for creating daily jobs, but the tutorial is still helpful for creating duplicate jobs in multiple environments or creating jobs with someone else as the owner using an Application User.

To verify that the job was created correctly, you can navigate to the Bulk Record Deletion section of the Data Management area in Advanced Settings and check the status and next run time of the job.

Follow the link to access the full tutorial with code and detailed instructions.

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