Enabling or Disabling All Plugin Steps In Dataverse

Enabling or Disabling All Plugin Steps In Dataverse

If you are facing an issue with a recent bug in PowerPlatform.BuildTools version 0.0.81 that caused your plugin steps to become disabled, fret not as there is a workaround that you can implement. The issue occurs due to a change in the import solution command that deactivated all the plugin steps in the solution by default.

The solution is to enable all the plugin steps manually and the easiest way to do this is by using XrmToolBox and Sql4Cds. The first step is to download XrmToolBox and set it up to connect with your environment. The next step is to download and install Sql4Cds as a tool in XrmToolBox.

After that, you need to execute a SQL statement in Sql4Cds to find the ID of the plugin assembly that you want to enable all plugin steps for. Once you have found the ID, you can use the UPDATE statement provided in the tutorial to enable all plugin steps automatically.

By implementing these steps, you can save yourself the trouble of manually updating over 100 plugin steps. So, if you are facing a similar issue, then this tutorial will help you in enabling or disabling all plugin steps in Dataverse.

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