Apply critical update for Azure Stack HCI VMs to maintain Azure verification

Apply critical update for Azure Stack HCI VMs to maintain Azure verification

Azure verification for VMs on Azure Stack HCI makes it possible for Azure-exclusive benefits to work outside of the cloud and in on-premises and edge environments. These benefits include Azure Virtual Desktop for Azure Stack HCI, Windows Server Datacenter: Azure Edition, Extended Security Updates (ESUs) for SQL and Windows Server Virtual Machines (VMs) on Azure Stack HCI, and Azure Policy guest configuration. To keep these workloads continuing to function, periodic updates are required to maintain their security and functionality.


Update Azure Stack HCI VMs

Recently, Microsoft rolled out critical updates for Azure verification for VMs on Azure Stack HCI, and we strongly recommend current users to apply these latest cumulative updates for continued, seamless functionality of your Azure benefits on Azure Stack HCI VMs. The latest VM updates are as follows:


  • Azure Virtual Desktop for Azure Stack HCI
  • Windows Server Datacenter: Azure Edition

Azure Stack HCI VMs can be updated using a variety of methods including Windows Update, Azure Update Manager, Windows Server Update Services, or System Center Virtual Machine Manager. Please note that not all OSes are supported with Azure Update Manager, see Azure Update Manager support matrix.


We recommend that these VMs updates be completed by June 17, 2024 to avoid possible impact to your current workloads and licensing of these Azure benefits. If you do not update your Azure Stack HCI VMs to the latest version as noted above, you may see issues with the Azure verification and licensing of Azure Stack HCI VMs. Please update the VMs at that time and reach out to Microsoft Support if there are further questions or issues.


This update is not critical if you are not using the Azure benefits enabled by Azure verification of Azure Stack HCI VMs.


Update Azure Stack HCI Azure Marketplace VM Images

If you’re using Azure Marketplace VM images, we also recommend updating pre-existing Azure Marketplace VM images on your Azure Stack HCI cluster to the latest versions. The updated VM images are available now on Azure Marketplace and for update in the Azure Portal.


More Information

For full details on updates, please see Azure verification for VMs - Azure Stack HCI.

For more information regarding why this update is recommended, please review this Tech Community blog for more details on updates to Azure verification.

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