My Multicloud Journey

My Multicloud Journey

Cloud computing is more than just the latest IT craze. Beyond storing photos and videos online, it’s a component of a business model gaining precedence.

Cloud computing is changing how many businesses store and access data and how many of these businesses operate.

Large and small businesses have an advantage in the cloud and can work with the major cloud providers to obtain all the required service benefits.

Cloud computing is essential because it offers flexibility, data recovery, little to no maintenance, easy access, and a higher level of security.

And imagine if you had the skills of a multicloud engineer, and it would catapult your career trajectory.

Why did I choose to certify myself in cloud computing?

According to Hashicorp’s recent State of Cloud Strategy Survey, 76% of employers already use multiple clouds in some capacity, with more than half citing a lack of skills within and between their employees as the main challenge to cloud survival.

This question got me thinking.

Could I make the best use of this opportunity and fill the gap in the current cloud-computing ecosystem in organizations?

And there began my journey.

I’ve been certifying myself in various cloud computing platforms over the last few months, and I believe it’s made me a more substantial and in-depth technologist. With over 13 years of experience in IT, I’ve realized that learning new software and technology to keep yourself up to date is the only way to progress and move forward.

The knowledge gained from cloud computing exams will assist you in exploiting arguments correctly, adhering to best practices, and keeping your deployments maintainable, secure, scalable, and resilient. Furthermore, the certifications from these exams are highly scalable in professional recruitment.

But getting those certifications isn’t child s play; it requires time, dedication, and intentional preparation. So, if you want to become proficient in cloud computing and want some guidance, this post should help you.

Also, in this post, I argue that broadening your professional fluency to at least two of the three major cloud providers (Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure) opens up some unique, future-oriented career opportunities.

How to cloudify your career?

We’ve established that having some familiarity with multiple clouds broadens your career opportunities. However, learning just one cloud can be daunting, especially if it’s not part of your current job. So how do you forge a multicloud career path that doesn’t leave you gasping for air?

While the awards and appreciation feel good, they didn’t come easy. So here are the tips I implemented to get the most out of my multicloud certification journeys.

Placing God at the forefront

I put God at the forefront of everything else in my life, and while you may have your own beliefs and spiritual journeys, I’ve always placed God at the forefront of all my endeavors. Because so many things clamor for my attention and devotion: my job, my ambitions, my finance, my spouse, my kids, my hobbies - the demands and distractions of life. And I must be careful not to let them become more important or a priority than my relationship with God.

I have memorized many Bible verses since childhood, but the following verse always rises to the top when thinking about exams:

The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD.

Proverbs 21:31

Make time for family and other obligations

It’s critical to schedule downtime in your study sessions, no matter how much you have to study. Self-control and mental energy are limited resources that’ll eventually deplete as the day progresses.

To avoid burnout and stay focused for longer, make time to spend with your family and friends. Make them a priority as well. Having a small reward at the end of each session can also help you stay motivated.

Step out of your comfort zone

It’s tempting to stay in your comfort zone. That inviting couch draws you in, wraps you in comfort, and then sulks you deeper into its depths. It’s alluring. But if you stay in it for too long, it becomes difficult to get back up. And that is why you are stuck where you are. So, try to step outside your comfort zone and work on something you’ve never done before.

Decide how you will measure success

When it comes to success, everyone has a different definition. At the same time, some people define success as flaunting their success by posting their certifications and awards on social media. That doesn’t have to be how you define success. Because your career success is determined by whether you have met your own career goals rather than those of others, take the time to understand the purpose of this certification. Don’t get distracted or lose hope by the white noise of social media.

Take the initiative

Consider what your manager and employer require before they say it if you want to advance in your career. Then, consider what you would like to happen next if you were in their shoes. Anticipating their needs allows you to meet their needs before they have to ask you for something. In addition, this demonstrates your initiative, which helps them recognize your worth as an employee.

Expand your network

To succeed in your career, you must surround yourself with like-minded people who inspire you to do better. Take time to make new connections in your field and inspiration and new opportunities. Attending conferences, training, or other network meetups can help you meet people in your industry. You can also expand your network by using different social media platforms.

Demonstrate your commitment

Commitment entails dedicating yourself to progress and working hard under any circumstances. Set short- and long-term goals for your cloud computing journey, and work toward them daily. Displaying commitment can help keep you motivated as you work toward these goals, especially as you complete tasks that contribute to your larger goals. These objectives may be lofty, but remember to create a feasible plan and timeline.

Learn from the people around you

As a working professional, you must learn from those around you. Pay heed to everything your boss says, whether it’s about a campaign, a project, or something insignificant. Active listening ensures that no vital information is missed. It also helps to build relationships with coworkers.

Enroll in online courses

Numerous free and paid online resources offer training and mock exam simulations to prepare for your exams. Some are very useful for gaining experience on exam topics, some are very reliable, and others are not, so I advise relying on authorized preparatory courses and materials offered.

Here are some of my recommended courses:

Master the fundamental concepts

Yes, each cloud provider is distinct. However, they share many fundamental approaches to IAM, virtual networking, storage, security, reliability, and other topics. These are lightweight fundamentals that can be moved between cloud providers as needed. If you’re new to cloud computing, an associate-level solutions architect certification will help you get started. First, however, do hands-on labs to help bring the concepts to life- practical learning always wins.

Try to join Community Focused Programs

Analyse, group, and eliminate

When studying, prepare as many practice tests as possible; this will be your best option for reading actual questions faster and managing the comprehensive exam. In addition, learn the keywords and specific topics covered in exams; this will help you understand questions better and faster.

When it comes to the exams, you need to understand which answers best suit the question. For that, you can group similar seeming wrong and eliminate them if you are unsure of the correct answer.

Don’t overthink

Revisiting questions is recommended, but second-guessing or over-thinking your initial answer is not if you’re guessing. Trust your first instincts. Change your first guess only if you are sure it’s incorrect.


Although it isn’t rocket science, the exams for Cloud Computing are tough. It’s just a ridiculous amount of information to learn, understand, and apply appropriately. So allow time for the information you consume to be absorbed. Use all your available time, including lunchtimes, learning periods (if available at work), evenings, and weekends.

Most importantly, relax; failures are the foundations of success.


I want to thank the following friends for guiding me through this cloud computing adventure. I would not be where I am today without their assistance and support.

I must also thank my wife, daughters, family and friends for their unwavering support and assistance throughout this endeavor. Completing these certifications and receiving this recognition would have been extremely difficult without their help.

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