Microsoft Copilot (Microsoft 365): Microsoft Viva – Microsoft Copilot Dashboard in Viva Insights Product Updates

Microsoft Copilot (Microsoft 365): Microsoft Viva –  Microsoft Copilot Dashboard in Viva Insights Product Updates

Microsoft Viva continues to evolve and improve with the addition of the Microsoft Copilot Dashboard in Viva Insights. This new update provides users with trendlines to show metric movements over the past six-month time periods, before-vs-after Copilot comparisons, and an estimated dollar value for the existing Copilot assisted hours metric.

This exciting new update is currently in the general availability release phase with a release date set for May CY2024. Accessible via web and cloud platforms and available worldwide to standard multi-tenant instances, the Microsoft Copilot Dashboard is designed to enhance the user experience and improve overall productivity.

To learn more about this update and the roadmap for Microsoft Viva, visit the Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

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