SDK.REST CRUD operation in CRM2016 JSCRIPT

SDK.REST CRUD operation in CRM2016 JSCRIPT

This post is a tutorial for performing CRUD operations in CRM2016 JSCRIPT using SDK.REST. CRUD operations refer to create, read, update, and delete, which are the four basic functions of persistent storage. The post provides step-by-step instructions on how to use SDK.REST to perform these operations within CRM2016 JSCRIPT.

The tutorial is aimed at individuals with a basic understanding of CRM2016 JSCRIPT and SDK.REST. It covers the basics of performing CRUD operations, including creating, reading, updating, and deleting data within CRM2016. The post also highlights some common pitfalls and best practices, helping you avoid common mistakes and optimize your workflow.

If you're looking to perform CRUD operations in CRM2016 JSCRIPT using SDK.REST, this tutorial is an excellent resource for getting started on the right foot. Whether you're a seasoned CRM developer or a newcomer to the world of CRM development, this post provides invaluable insights into performing CRUD operations effectively and efficiently.

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