Viva Insights will stop processing Window 10 or 11 Activity history

Viva Insights will stop processing Window 10 or 11 Activity history

Viva Insights, a tool used for data-driven personal insights, will no longer process Windows 10 or 11 application activity history data to compute personal insights such as time spent in documents. This change will be rolled out in early November and is expected to be completed by late November. Despite both users and organization's IT administrator opting in users, Viva Insights will continue to process Exchange Online email and calendar data, chat and call signals from Skype for Business, and Teams to offer data-driven and privacy-protected personal insights. Windows 10 or 11 activity history data refers to the things people do on their device such as the apps and services they use, whether they worked on a document, and whether they browsed the web. However, Viva Insights will no longer use the data to compute personal insights. The affected experiences include insights related to time spent in documents within working hours and after hours, which are displayed as Food for thought in the Viva Insights dashboard. Viva Insights used to store and process this data inside Exchange Online mailboxes.

For those who may want to check if Windows 10 or 11 Activity history is enabled on their device, they can open Windows Settings and search for “Activity History Privacy Settings.” The following two settings must be selected for Viva Insights to use the data: "Store my activity history on this device" and "Send my activity history to Microsoft."

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