Microsoft Purview Data Estate Insights will be generally available July 1, 2022

Microsoft Purview Data Estate Insights will be generally available July 1, 2022

As organizations increasingly rely on their data to obtain valuable insights, it’s become an imperative for the Chief Data Officer (CDO) to ensure data consumers can access the appropriate data while also meeting regulatory requirements.  Data has become ubiquitous across on-prem, multi-clouds and SaaS applications. Furthermore, in an environment of constantly evolving regulations, getting holistic and actionable insights has become a challenge for the CDO.

Microsoft Purview Data Estate Insights is designed to address these challenges for the office of the CDO. The app presents the CDO and governance stakeholders with rich, out-of-the box, insights into their organization’s data estate without additional configuration or customization. As organizations connect to diverse and hybrid data sources, Data Estate Insights gets automatically powered by the rich Microsoft Purview Data Map, as shown in the diagram below.



Key concerns of the CDOs

Top questions that we typically hear from CDOs and directors of governance programs, across various industries, especially from banking and financial services are –

  • “Where is all my sensitive data across my organization?”
  • “Where is the data distributed within my organization?”
  • “Are all sensitive assets mapped to their data owners?”
  • “What are the top data risks that we should fix ?”
  • “Is my investment in the catalog paying off?”

Data Estate Insights helps answer the key concerns

Data Estate Insights is designed to answer all the key questions from our CDO community. The app lays out key insights into “Health”, “Inventory and Ownership” and “Curation and Governance” sections.

In the “Health” section, the app intuitively walks CDOs and Data Stewards through key metrics that pose governance risks or risks to their catalog’s adoption, with the help of Data Stewardship report.

In the “Inventory and Ownership” section, the app provides detailed drilldowns of asset distribution by department and ability to remediate in-app, with the help of Assets report.

In the "Curation and Governance” section, the app takes CDO’s on a journey of their classified, labeled, or termed assets and where tags may be missing, indicating a potential governance gap, starting with Classification, Glossary and Label reports. 


Data Estate Insights empowers CDOs, Data Stewards and Owners with the above-mentioned reports, with more reports being designed to track and resolve more governance gaps, along with ability to customize dashboards to cater to your company’s specific needs.



Get actionable insights:

With a quick look at the top KPIs CDOs can understand key governance gaps that need to be filled. In an example from the Data Stewardship report, the  KPIs tell what percentage of the data estate does not have assigned data owners and how many assets are fully, partially, and not “curated”. The KPIs also help with a high-level view of the catalog’s adoption, which gives an idea of whether there is significant return on the investment.




The Scorecard views help CDO’s get an idea of critical risks in their data estate by department and line of business.



Data Stewards, Owners and other stakeholders can also drill deeper into each metric to track what assets and data sources need the most attention. They can even take action right from Data Estate Insights, in just a .



Close the governance gap and view trends:

Data Estate Insights also caters to data owners and technical stewards, who may want to fix the governance gap without leaving the app experience. These users just follow links in the experience, get a detailed list view of assets with the gaps, and close the gap without leaving the experience in a few clicks. This approach to problem-fixing keeps the governance solution current and up to date.

Additionally, as Stewards report to the CDO and other governance stakeholders, on progress, Data Estate Insights also provides a trend analysis of key governance metrics.



Export the data for offline tracking and follow-ups:

With the “Export to CSV” button, get the tabularized dataset from Microsoft Purview Data Estate Insights, and track completion of partially curated assets with department heads and data owners.

Understand your catalog’s adoption:

As organizations invest in Microsoft Purview’s unified governance solution, CDO’s want to know if their investment in the solution is paying off. We answer the question by showing their catalog’s adoption and the most viewed or searched items in the catalog. As governance teams learn from data consumer behavior and cater to their needs in the catalog, they see better engagement in the catalog, hence resulting in better return on investment.


Data Estate Insights is critical for the CDO and governance stakeholders, to assess governance gaps. Stay tuned to learn more about upcoming insights and feature enhancements.

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