Power Platform licenses demystified - Power Apps

Power Platform licenses demystified - Power Apps


Power Platform licenses demystified - Power Apps

Now that we've covered the basic concepts required to understand Power Platform licenses, let's focus on Power Apps-specific licenses.

Seeded Licenses

Do you want to Ride Along – take what seems to be the free ride?
With the seeded license, you can Create, run and share apps (Canvas)
But as with Manchester Free ride system – which is limited to City Center,
You’ll be restricted to the use of Standard Connectors

Remember that just like the citizens of Manchester, the system seems to be free to use, but in some way, they pay for it, such as via their taxes. 

An example of a canvas app that would fit under this concept, think of a Leave Request app that sends those requests via email to HR or an employee's manager via email (using Outlook connector).

Per App

Hopping on a single bus line every day?
Running a single app day in and day out?
Then maybe the Per App subscription makes sense…

BUT – don’t forget – Line 106 in Manchester, is NOT Line 106 in Glasgow
The same app in different environments – is NOT the same app in terms of Per App subscription

An example of a Power Apps app that would fit under this concept is at XRM Vision we have a Time & Expense canvas app that employees use on a regular basis. It is connected to Dataverse, and for many employees, it's one of the only apps they access. In such a case, Per App plan fits well.

Pay As You Go

Just like XRM Vision when organizing an employee party so they head back home safely… 

There’s no easy way to know ahead of time how many employees will use this service, and where they’ll be heading… So, even if there’s a premium on the price, it is easier to manage a bill that is based on actual consumption than buy taxicab tickets ahead of time.

You’re launching a new app – organization-wide, not sure what will be the adoption of it, or just like an XRM Vision employee party that occurs only a few times a year – or once a year – you may not know how often users will run the app...

Then Pay as you go may be the way to go..

BUT Watch out – if you enable this subscription, then the Per Apps passes are ignored.

An example of a Power Apps app that would fit under this concept is an annual review app that is connected to Dataverse. It's accessed once or twice a year, at different moments, by different employees. It requires a premium (Power Apps) license, but only when the app is run by a user. Placing it in an environment enabled with Pay As You Go, would make sense.

Per User

Maybe you’re a real city hopper, traveling all over the place, visiting customers and different offices all year long...

Using the Free Ride along system is too restrictive in terms of locations you’ll visit – NOT EFFICIENT

Restricting you to a single bus line doesn’t allow you to get to all locations, you’d need many of those, it’s NOT efficient

Providing you tickets for those multiple lines is surely NOT efficient cost wise

We know you’ll be using the transit system often, UBER (consumption-based) is NOT efficient for you

For an unlimited number of apps – opt for a Per User subscription.

For users who create or run a high number of apps, apps using premium connectors, evaluate Power Apps Per User plan.


Recap info for the different types of Power Apps licenses.

Recap of examples for each type of Power Apps license. 

Power Apps licenses Video

As for the other articles of this series, here's a video covering the Power Apps licenses: 

Power Platform licenses demystified - What's next?

In the coming weeks, I will split the presentation into specific segments for each of the licenses and plans covered, such as:
  • Introduction
  • Basic concepts
  • Power Apps (Seeded, Per app, Pay as you go, Per user)
  • Power Automate (Per user, with attended RPA, per flow, unattended add-on)
  • Power Virtual Agents
  • Power BI
  • Portals (Pages) and more add-ons
Stay tuned!

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