Glenn Condron: .NET Web Development - Episode 293

Glenn Condron: .NET Web Development - Episode 293

This episode features an interview with Glenn Condron, Principal Product Manager for the App Platform team within the Developer Division at Microsoft. The conversation delves into a variety of topics related to .NET web development.

Glenn, who began his career as a developer in Australia working with software for various government departments, shares insights into the evolution of .NET, which has moved from being Windows-only to open-source cross-platform software. He discusses .NET core, new features and ideas presented at .NET Conf, and a product called Aspire, which is equipped with open Telemetry as a standard and knows how to deploy to the cloud without explicit cloud knowledge.

The conversation also touches on opinionated versus non-opinionated development within the .NET ecosystem and offers resources for further learning. Whether you're a seasoned .NET web developer or simply interested in the technology, Glenn's perspectives offer deep insights into the world of .NET development.

Check out the link to listen to the podcast episode.

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