David Pine: NET Content Development - Episode 223

David Pine: NET Content Development - Episode 223

In this episode of the Architect Tips podcast, David Pine, Developer Relations specialist at Microsoft and expert in Web Technologies, discusses .NET and Azure developer content development. David has a strong presence in the developer community, advocating for open-source, C#, TypeScript, SignalR, Reactive Extensions, Azure, and .NET. He also co-hosts the On .NET Live show that celebrates .NET developers around the globe.

The conversation delves into David’s journey towards Microsoft and how he evolved into his current role, as well as his views on the relevancy of JavaScript SPA front ends for .NET developers. David also shares insights into his work as a technical writer and content developer, specifically for the On .NET Live show. He sheds light on the value of Github Actions and the importance of monitoring their versions for better usage. The episode also covers the .NET Fundamentals and new samples that are out.

Overall, this episode is an excellent source of knowledge for developers who want to stay informed about Microsoft’s latest developments and valuable tips for improving their content development skills.

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