Jeff Fritz: Evolving Cloud Architecture - Episode 222

Jeff Fritz: Evolving Cloud Architecture - Episode 222

In this episode, Jeff Fritz, an experienced developer and PM on the .NET team at Microsoft, shares his insights on evolving cloud architecture. As a veteran of the web development world, he discusses his experiences during the .com bomb and shares his excitement about recent developments at Microsoft.

Through in-depth discussions, Jeff delves into topics such as MySQL vs. serverless Azure SQL, the duration of the journey from the first line of code to enterprise patterns, re-architecting database architecture, and how to predict what will happen at a certain level of production.

Listeners can learn more about Jeff's work by following him on Twitch and Twitter at @csharpfritz. Additionally, the show notes and additional episodes can be found on AzureDevOps.Show.

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Azure DevOps Podcast
Azure DevOps Podcast

The Azure DevOps Podcast is a show for developers and devops professionals shipping software using Microsoft technologies. Each show brings you hard-hitting interviews with industry experts innovating better methods and sharing success stories. Listen in to learn how to increase quality, ship quickly, and operate well. Hosted by Jeffrey Palermo and sponsored by Clear Measure, Inc.

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