Windows Authentication from Linux? 🤯

Windows Authentication from Linux? 🤯

In a world where .NET platform is rapidly evolving and expanding, remarkable progress has been made in making it faster and more compatible with a wider range of platforms, including Linux. In his latest blog post, Mark Carrington outlines how the move to .NET Core has been made possible through Microsoft's Dataverse client, empowering users to effectively implement systems. Specifically, Carrington deep dives into how on can achieve Windows Authentication from Linux, a seemingly impossible feat that is made accessible through the power of .NET.

As the .NET ecosystem continues to grow and become more versatile, the possibilities for cross-platform authentication become increasingly exciting. For those interested in the inner workings of .NET, this post provides in-depth insight into the features and potential of the platform.

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Mark Carrington - Data, D365, Diabetes, Lego, ...
Mark Carrington - Data, D365, Diabetes, Lego, ...

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