Microsoft Fabric: Generating Reports with Copilot

Microsoft Fabric: Generating Reports with Copilot

In November 2023, Microsoft announced the general availability and Public Preview of Copilot in Microsoft Fabric, which offers a range of benefits to developers working with Power BI, data engineering, and data science. In this post, the focus is on how to use Copilot to generate reports with Microsoft Fabric. With the help of Copilot, developers can efficiently write complex code and handle complicated queries to generate insightful reports and visualizations. Whether you are a Power BI developer, a data engineer or a data scientist, Copilot can help you in your workflow and improve the efficiency of generating reports within Microsoft Fabric.

If you're looking for ways to optimize your reporting process, whether on Microsoft Fabric or other platforms, this article provides a helpful resource. Dive into the details of Copilot and see how it could revolutionize your approach to report generation and data visualization.

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