Changes to Teams Licensing in Microsoft 365 E | Office 365 E

Changes to Teams Licensing in Microsoft 365 E | Office 365 E

Microsoft is altering the licensing structure of Microsoft 365 E and Office 365 E, a move that removes Microsoft Teams from existing subscriptions and places it into separate plans. The change is anticipated to lead to an increase in overall costs, as users will need to purchase additional plans to maintain the full functionality of Teams. As a result, Microsoft is advising existing subscribers to renew their plans as soon as possible to maintain uninterrupted access to Teams.

For those concerned about the implications of these alterations, Microsoft offers a variety of resources to help familiarize users with the new licensing scheme and answer any questions they may have.

Overall, this change may affect users who currently rely on Teams as part of an existing subscription plan, but with resources available from Microsoft, users can make informed decisions about how to proceed and ensure uninterrupted access to Teams.

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