Power Automate Flow run history in Microsoft Dataverse

Power Automate Flow run history in Microsoft Dataverse

Microsoft has recently announced the preview of a new functionality that permits Power Automate Cloud Flow run history to be stored directly in Microsoft Dataverse, making it easier for users to view the log entries of every flow that runs in Power Automate. By doing so, Microsoft has eliminated the need for users to view log entries from the flow itself, as they can now be accessed directly from Microsoft Dataverse, providing users with additional and easier-to-use options to track the progress of their Flows. However, this functionality is currently in preview, and Microsoft continues to make improvements to the feature.

Microsoft Dataverse provides organizations with a secure and scalable solution, enabling them to store and manage both business data and app metadata. By allowing Power Automate Cloud Flow run history to be stored in Microsoft Dataverse, Microsoft has successfully provided its users with another excellent tool to take complete control over their data resources.

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