Microsoft Build 2024 Copilot Announcements: Everything You Need to Know

Learn about the latest announcements regarding Microsoft's Copilot from the Microsoft Build 2024 conference in this recap. The conference unveiled several features and updates surrounding Copilot, including its abilities as Agents and Real-Time Language Translations. This article summarizes the impacts these announcements could have and offers the author's thoughts on the subject.

For those unfamiliar with Copilot, it is an AI assistant that helps developers write better code with fewer mistakes, using natural language. As an Agent, it can assist in other areas such as search, scheduling, and more. The Real-Time Language Translation feature promises to make Copilot more accessible to global users by offering translations in real-time for over 30 languages.

The author's coverage of Microsoft's Build 2024 conference provides insight into how these new Copilot features could change the way developers work. The article is a useful resource for developers looking to stay up to date with the latest technology announcements and their potential impact on the industry.

Overall, this is a valuable recap of the major Copilot announcements and their potential implications for the development world.

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Lisa Crosbie
Lisa Crosbie

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