Episode 336 – S Tier Microsoft Build 2023 Announcements

Episode 336 – S Tier Microsoft Build 2023 Announcements

In Episode 336 of this podcast, Ben and Scott dive into the exciting announcements made during Microsoft Build 2023. They discuss some of the standout updates unveiled during the event.

Some updates they touch on includes:

  • Microsoft Fabric and its associated licenses
  • The launch of Fabric, a new analytics and data platform from Microsoft
  • Azure AI Studio and it's capability of aiding developers to build their copilots
  • The Power BI Copilot which was in technical preview

If you want to keep up with the latest in the Microsoft ecosystem, check out this podcast episode. They also provide links to relevant resources and videos shared during the event.

About the sponsors:

Intelligink, a Microsoft cloud-focused service provider, provides businesses with the freedom to concentrate on their core business by implementing and managing their cloud technology deployments and solutions. Visit Intelligink's website to learn more.

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