Episode 372 – Microsoft Intune (Part Deux) – App

Episode 372 – Microsoft Intune (Part Deux) – App

Episode 372 of the Microsoft Cloud IT Pro Podcast takes a deeper dive into Microsoft Intune, a powerful tool for managing devices, apps, and endpoint security in any organization. This episode focuses on the Apps pillar of Intune and covers topics such as App protection policies, management experience, and the role of MDM and MAM in Intune. Additionally, the episode highlights how App protection policies go a long way in safeguarding corporate data. It is an informative listen for anyone seeking to gain more knowledge about Intune, and support for the show is also available through their membership options.

Among other things, the episode also discusses an overview of Windows Autopilot and provides information on App configuration policies for Microsoft Intune, as well as policies for Office apps. The sponsors of this episode are Intelligink, a company that partners with customers to administer and implement cloud technology deployments and solutions meant to help organizations focus better on their core business. Visit Intelligink.com for more information.

Overall, this episode offers a great way for listeners to up their Intune game and gain tips and insights on managing corporate devices, apps, and endpoint security.

The link to listen to this episode on Spotify can be found above.

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Microsoft Cloud IT Pro Podcast

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