Super charge your Copilot with 6 new Copilot connector plugins along with 74 New Connectors releases and; 116 Connector Updates from Power Platform

Super charge your Copilot with 6 new Copilot connector plugins along with 74 New Connectors releases and; 116 Connector Updates from Power Platform

The Power Platform has upped the ante with its latest offerings. This blog post introduces a slew of new Copilot connector plugins, as well as new connectors and updates that aim to boost productivity and streamline workflows.

With six new connector-based plugins, users can leverage Copilot's capabilities to their full potential, saving time and effort. Additionally, the release of 74 new connectors adds a wealth of new functionalities to the platform, empowering users to create complex workflows with ease.

The post also highlights the release of 116 connector updates, providing users with a stable and up-to-date platform to build on. These updates are designed to enhance the scalability, performance, and connectivity of Power Platform, further expanding its capabilities.

With these new offerings, Power Platform continues to cement its position as a versatile automation platform that can help businesses of all sizes optimize their workflows and boost productivity.

So, if you're looking to supercharge your Copilot and take your workflows to the next level, this blog post gives you a glimpse of the latest power-packed features that the Power Platform has to offer.

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